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Choose from approximately 60 strains of medical marijuana locally grown and hand-selected.


Marijuana Concentrates

Pure and potent distillations of THC available in a variety of concentrations to meet every need.


Medical Marijuana Strains Icon

Learn detailed information about everything from effects to reviews on our premium in-house strains.

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State of the Art Production

Growing medicinal marijuana is an art form, and we treat it as such. All Medizin plant genetics are hand-selected. Careful attention is constantly payed to the cultivation process to ensure that all Medizin products are best in class.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our full-spectrum lighting and advanced timing techniques are designed to elicit optimal gene expression of every strain and plant. At the peak of potency, flowers are hand trimmed and sealed in Nitrogen to preserve them for the best possible efficacy.

Finest Medicine Marijuana

Expertly Cultivated Cannabis Strains for the Finest Medicines Available